When the success of your business is directly linked to production uptime and equipment availability, increasing system efficiency and reliability will directly give you a financial return. Our service packages are designed specifically for your business, to include the options that best meet your site conditions and needs.
Service Contract for Optimal Performance and Efficiency

Our services packages, also known as SCOPE, get you maximum equipment uptime and optimal performance. It’s the best way to control your operational budget and minimize inventory and administration. Thanks to the integrated monitoring solution, you can easily keep track of service needs and machine status. And as a SCOPE customer, you get priority support and much more.

Leave the complexities of service scheduling, parts ordering and technician skills to your brand experts. We have it all covered in the package that best suits your needs.

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Operational cost
ISO50001 Compliance
>98% Equipment Availability
Air Quality
Original Performance
Full Extended Warranty
Fixed Budget
Highest Energy Savings
Production Uptime
System Efficiency
Increased Reliability
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Breakdown risk 98.2%
Energy 7%
Downtime 2 weeks
Investment 20%
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Intelligent Connectivity System

With ICONS, monitoring your equipment is easier than ever. Keeping track of actual running hours ensures on-time maintenance. Thanks to notifications, problems can be fixed before they deteriorate. Analysis of compressor data over time enables you to keep track of uptime and energy performance.

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Comprehensive Performance Analysis and Simulations System

Knowing the weak spots of your compressed air system is the first step towards big savings. A ComPASS audit identifies the potential to optimize your installation. Measurements are non-intrusive, live and accurate. Our ComPASS report shows tangible results, not vague promises.

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Air Contract with Cost-Efficient Service Solutions

Purchasing a compressor is no longer necessary to get compressed air. You can now pay for use instead of investing in equipment. With ACCESS, compressed air comes at a monthly fee. Your trusted brand supplier takes care of owning and servicing the compressors. Don’t invest, simply subscribe.

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